AMGRAPH Packaging plays a critical role in the food supply chain. Our packaging allows the food, spices, snacks, and tea produced by our customers to safely reach consumers. To meet the needs of our customers and the broader community, AMGRAPH will continue to operate during this uncertain time, while taking every reasonable measure to ensure the safety of our employees and the integrity of our product.

Given the extraordinary nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, AMGRAPH would like to share with you a few of the steps we have taken toward maintaining the safety of our workforce and the continuity of our business.

  • Employee Health and Safety – AMGRAPH has undertaken steps to increase our custodial efforts, with regular sanitization of common surfaces across all shifts, seven days a week. For our employees, we are increasing the availability of sanitization wipes, sprays, and gels. Employees have been instructed on vigorous hand washing techniques and other personal hygiene and sanitation methods all aimed at keeping the workplace safe. We have also implemented scheduling plans to allow us practice social distancing as much as possible.
  • Business Continuity – For many years, AMGRAPH has had a business continuity plan in place so we would be prepared in the event of an unforeseen disruption in operations. In support of that plan, we have maintained a diversified supply chain, purchased redundant machinery, and opened a second facility. We are in regular contact with our carrier partners and have not experienced, nor do we expect to experience, any delays in the transportation of our raw materials or finished product.

Today and every day, AMGRAPH remains committed to its customers, employees, and partners. We wish everyone health and safety during these unprecedented times.