Tea industry packaging challenges include meeting strict machine standards and exacting measurements. AMGRAPH ensures that your flexible packaging meets extremely tight tolerances and machinability requirements, giving you the best packaging solution to run efficiently on your high-speed filling machines.

Amgraph Packaging manufactures single serve tea envelopes/overwraps and tea tags for a variety of tea packaging equipment including:

  • IMA (C-21, C-23, C-24, C-24E, C-27)
  • FUSO
  • T2-PRIMA
  • Teepack

For over thirty years, AMGRAPH has been providing tea-packaging solutions that satisfy all tea machine demands, using highly efficient sustainable processes. Our packaging structures are biodegradable and recyclable structures that are good for the environment. We are proud to support and reinforce the sustainable production of packaging for tea to help you and the future success of the tea sector.

Call us today to get your tea products packaged using the most advanced packaging technology and the highest standards of sustainability.