We’re taking extra steps to make sure both our products and our staff are protected.

All of us at AMGRAPH recognize the importance of what we are doing during the current COVID-19 crisis—and the urgency of doing it correctly. Because our facility handles packaging used for foods and medical supplies, we are taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of our products as well as the health of our amazing workforce. We wanted to let you know about some of the steps we are taking.

  • Every person who needs to enter our facility gets a temperature check in a secluded location. As you know, a fever is an early symptom of coronavirus (as well as many other communicable viruses), so we want to make sure every employee and visitor is fever-free.
  • While we have always maintained the highest standards of cleanliness, we recognize that the current situation means everyone needs go above and beyond in these efforts. To that end, we have hired an outside cleaning company to work with us all day, every day, cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in our plant. (We have been, and continue to be, an SQF-certified facility, so we already employee the industry’s peak standards for employees, processes, and materials for safe quality foods.)
  • We have installed hand wipe and sanitation stations around the facility, with staffers charged with keeping them monitored and stocked.
  • We have assigned a group of employees to be our “response team,” and they are in charge of making any changes to operations that they deem necessary from day to day. One thing we can all agree on—things are changing rapidly in this crisis, and we are committed to remaining flexible and nimble to deal with whatever comes our way.
  • To help thank our employees for everything they are doing to keep us running, we’re also providing them with Big Y, Stop & Shop and Walmart gift cards. They and their families need to be taken care of during this stressful time, so we wanted to help them get the groceries and household supplies they require. We simply could not meet our customers’ demands without the flexibility and commitment of our incredible team!

If there is anything AMGRAPH can do to help you—whether it’s related to your packaging needs or if you’d like to learn more about how we are meeting increased demands at this time, please contact us. We’d be happy to assist!