We have the raw materials and capacity to make sure critical products can be safely packaged and delivered.

At AMGRAPH, we know how vital it is to work closely with our customers, because we are their production partners. That’s how we’ve always done business, and at this critical time, it’s more important than ever. Some of our customers manufacture products that are in great demand right now, and as that demand rises, we have to help them make sure all their packaging needs are covered.

Here are a few of the steps we are taking during the COVID-19 crisis to help our customers meet these demands:

  • We are in constant communication with our customers to determine ongoing raw material needs, and we then communicate those needs to our suppliers. Keeping the lines of communication open and constantly updated means we have the best chance to have the raw materials on hand when they are needed.
  • We also monitor the transportation channels for raw materials. We track all shipping and trucking availability and watch for interruptions and cost fluctuations. At a time like this, comprehensive logistics management is critical.
  • We have a second facility, which has given us more warehouse space to accommodate our supply of raw materials. It has also given us the ability to move to continuous operation, so we are able to boost production to meet the higher customer demand for packaging.

One of the keys to getting through this crisis will be the ability to anticipate our customers’ needs. They are filling a huge demand right now, manufacturing products like prepared foods and OTC pharmaceuticals. We want them to be able to deliver those products without missing a beat, and they can count on us to support their packaging needs. We’re in this together!