Advocacy and collaboration make sustainable packaging more feasible for everyone.

At AMGRAPH, we’re big believers in the power of industry associations. That’s why we are long-standing members of the Flexible Packaging Association. The FPA brings together members of the industry to innovate and educate in the area of sustainable flexible packaging. They have many advocacy priorities including ensuring the flexible packaging industry is represented in legislative and NGO discussions on solid waste management, material composition transparency, sustainability, the role of packaging in reducing food waste, and food safety issues.

That’s one of the biggest reasons to get involved in an industry association—they advocate for our industry. The FPA educates consumers and regulators about our priorities, especially regarding sustainability. They work hard to ensure reasonable government regulations around environment, health and safety including the Clean Air Act, water and waste regulations and occupational safety and health rules.

Our membership in the FPA also gives us the opportunity to network and collaborate with some of the smartest people in the industry. Staying on top of trends and understanding the latest developments in sustainability allow us to make more effective investment in technology.

We’re making amazing breakthroughs in sustainable films and recyclable/compostable packaging materials right now. A big part of the reason for that is our ability to stay on the cutting-edge of industry developments—because we stay connected with packaging’s leading thinkers.

Our CEO, Ken Fontaine, is a longtime member of the board of directors of the FPA. He was recently re-elected and will continue to serve on this vital industry advisory board in the coming year.

Read all about Ken and the rest of the members of the 2022 FPA Board of Directors here.

We’re proud that our CEO has once again been recognized for his experience and leadership in the packaging industry. AMGRAPH is committed to advancing the interests of both packaging providers and the customers we serve, and we’ll continue to utilize all the tools and relationships available to us to stay at the top of our game!