Bumble Bee Tuna redesigned its packaging to both modernize the look and focus on the flavor

Earlier this year, Bumble Bee Tuna made a major change in its packaging. The design change has been well-received, even being recognized as a winner in the 2020 American Package Design Awards presented by Graphic Design USA. There were numerous product-related reasons for the changes, but one thing jumped out at consumers first. The longstanding bumble bee mascot named Horatio was no longer part of the design.

A recent post on Packaging World’s website talked about the reasons for the modifications in the iconic brand’s packages. The company was looking for cleaner lines and an increased focus on flavor, and, sadly, the modernized design meant Horatio had to go. Quoted in the post, Renee Junge, the Bumble Bee Seafood Company’s Vice President, Corporate Brand Strategy and Communication, said, “We retired Horatio after many years of serving us well. Our main goal in retiring Horatio was to allow the benefits of the product to shine a bit more. We serve one of the most nutrient-rich products on this planet and we wanted to be able to tell that story without being distracted by our adorable, now retired, mascot.”

The biggest structural change in the redesign is a revision to the pouch. It is now a rectangular design instead of a dome with a rounded top. Junge says research indicated that retrieving product from the bottom of the pouch was a big pain point for consumers. To address that, the new pouch includes a longer utensil with prongs, which necessitated a change in the shape of the pouch to accommodate it.

This change to the Bumble Bee tuna pouch shows just how adaptable and versatile a flexible pouch can be. They can be designed and manufactured in a wide range of imaginative shapes and sizes, which can allow for all kinds of creative applications. The innovative shapes can also increase efficiency, because they often allow for a lower overall package weight. That can mean big storage and transportation cost reductions, too.

Food packaging design isn’t a simple thing. It has to meet your customers’ demands, protect your food, and stand out on a shelf full of competitors. If you need help with any or all of those aspects of packaging, talk to us at AMGRAPH. We know food packaging! We’ll help you come up with a design that’s durable, beautiful, and that your customers will love.