There is no doubt that in the fast-paced world of brand management, it is important to obtain what you need, when you need it. It’s equally important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Understanding these demands on brand managers, is critical for any supplier.

As Amgraph grows and connects with more people around the world, we strive to never lose focus on the Customer Experience. This is accomplished by continuous self-evaluation and improvements on the relationships developed conducting business.

Continual improvements that are being made include:

Simplifying the Trial Process. Time is money, and both should be used conservatively but effectively to establish premiere quality in products produced for customers. A more simple trial process can help achieve that goal, which Amgraph is continually improving.

Inter-plant Communication. When working at two different sites, it’s vital to be able to know what’s going on at both places. Amgraph has set a process in place that manages communication between two plants. This affords real-time updates and prevents redundancy.

Pricing Materials. If you don’t know how much something is worth, chances are you’re spending too much money. It’s vital in business to know the value of materials used in manufacturing. Amgraph has established standards for calculating the values of materials. This is one of the many ways they help to keep costs down.

Effective Internal Communication. It’s very important that all divisions of a business talk to each other on a regular basis. Having different areas running in synch promotes an effective company. To that end, Amgraph set a priority to establish and maintain clear and effective communication between its customer service, sales, and operations departments.

Technical vs. Brand. Creating standards is an important part of the continual building process and improvement of the company. Establishing these standards and maintaining them is something for which Amgraph prides itself. Separating the technical aspects from the brand itself is important for both the company and their customers.

Regular Check Ups. Just as people need to receive checkups from their doctors and dentists, so does the community within a business. Amgraph has set the standard to having daily meetings among co-workers. This was established in order to verify daily work plans, avoid errors, and meet deadlines. Effective and regular communication is a key to any business.

For 34 years Amgraph has thrived on not only producing the best quality flexible packaging possible, but also on continually making the process as environmentally-friendly as possible. The bottom line is focusing on two essential elements of business and continuing to improve on them: the quality of the products and delivery to its customer. Continual improvements equal better business and greater growth That’s what we strive to do at Amgraph every day.