This is your chance to show off your design skills and help create the next generation of sustainable product packaging

The Flexible Packaging Association has opened the call for entries for the 2020 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge, honoring packaging solutions developed exclusively by students.

Students in the competition are asked to develop a flexible package solution that addresses a specific issue such as consumer convenience or the protection of food. The package should advance the use of flexible packaging, make an improvement over an existing flexible package, convert a non-flexible package into a flexible package, or package a product that is not currently available in flexible packaging.

Participants must to submit a concept outline prior to sending the flexible packaging prototype/bench sample. The concept outline will be evaluated, and if it is approved, the student may then send in the prototype. The deadline to submit a concept is September 27, 2019, and students will be notified whether they are selected to advance by October 4. The final deadline for submission of the flexible packaging prototype is November 1, and winners will be announced on March 4, 2020.

The student or team who develops the first-place winning entry will receive $1,000, and the second-place entry will receive $500.

For all the details of the competition, including a review of past winners, check out the 2020 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge brochure here.

Ken Fontaine, our CEO, is a proud member the board of the Flexible Packaging Association—and we are happy to support this great competition and all the other important work being done by this vital professional organization. Our industry is built on ever-advancing innovation, so we’re eager to see the new designs developed by this year’s entrants. Perhaps some of the participants will partner with AMGRAPH in the years ahead to help them produce the groundbreaking sustainable packaging they design!