As an alternative plastic, this new product could be a game-changer.

A new technology has been introduced that might be a real, viable alternative to single-use plastics in food packaging. The product was featured in a recent issue of Environment & Energy Leader magazine. This new material is called “Janus,” and it’s a coated paper from Miami start-up J&J Green Paper.

Janus is a coated paper that can be custom-shaped, and its moisture resistance is reported to be equal to petroleum-coated products. It’s both recyclable and compostable, and because it’s made with no petroleum, it leaves no chemical footprint in composting.

As we’ve talked about in the blog previously, food companies in virtually every sector are focusing on their packaging in an effort to reduce their use of plastic. Consumer brands like Kellogg’s and Kraft, as well as fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, have found that being able to demonstrate leadership in developing green solutions is beneficial for their brands—but many alternatives to plastic are expensive, hard to produce, or are rejected by consumers as inconvenient or undesirable. This new environmentally friendly coated paper is a promising alternative for many kinds of food packaging, perhaps most promising as a substitute material for wasteful and abundant now-plastic coffee pods.

According to the article, J&J Green Paper says it is in talks with several companies regarding the use of Janus for packaging. Last summer, the company licensed the formula to CST Green Resources Limited (CST) of Hong Kong, which plans to manufacture paper products in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, with plans for eventual distribution throughout the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. The CST licensing deal is projected to replace 50,000 tons of polyethylene during the first year with the expectation of reaching 300,000 tons by year three.

The full article about this great new product can be found here.

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