Solutions to the problem of food waste must include the packaging, too.

An article published last month on Flexible Packaging magazine’s website offers a lot of insight into the importance of composting. It points out that the U.S. throws away more food than any other country in the world, a shocking 30 to 40 percent of our overall food supply. Beyond the fact that this kind of waste is disturbing given the rate of hunger and poverty in the U.S., this is a profound environmental problem. Most of this food waste ends up in landfills, where the methane produced by rot increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Diverting food from landfills is a priority with both the federal government and some individual states. According to the article, Maryland is now offering a pioneering program in which food waste is banned from landfills and is instead collected to go to compost. National action is on the table with the newly introduced Compost Act, which would provide grants and loans to support both industrial and small-scale composting.

Composting isn’t just for the food itself, either. Compostable packaging is becoming an option for more and more food products. This type of packaging allows both the food scraps and the packaging to go into the same compost receptacle. Additionally, compostable packages could even extend the shelf life of some foods. The article points to two peer-reviewed studies that found certified compostable packaging provided better protection for the freshness of both bell peppers and cucumbers.

You can read the full article on Flexible Packaging’s website here.

There’s little doubt that compostable packaging will be a vital aspect of food packaging in the future. It isn’t easy, though. The technology involved in creating viable, durable compostable packages requires a deep level of expertise. At AMGRAPH, we are committed to leading the way in green technology like this, and we are always working to develop the best packaging solutions. If you work in the food industry, you need to understand the role compostable packaging is going to play in your business. Let us help! AMGRAPH will assist you in understanding the technology and how it can work for you.