Are you aware of everything we can contribute to product development?

Innovation is the name of the game at AMGRAPH. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop new and innovative packaging solutions in the most efficient and earth-friendly manner possible. That means working hand-in-hand with research and development teams, and we do that in a number of interesting ways that you might not be aware of.

Our partnership with a major international tea company, and the creative solutions we’ve developed for them, is something we are especially proud of. We created a sustainability team that was charged with taking their products to the next level in terms of green manufacturing. We’ve developed solutions for them that improved barriers in their packaging, and we developed a number of sustainable solutions like compostable laminated substrates and a compostable paper pouch. We are focused on continuing to source sustainable structures and building on these sustainable initiatives into the future.

AMGRAPH also offers a unique solution when it comes to experimental or test-market products. Big brands usually have enormous packaging runs that are better suited to high-volume packaging companies—but AMGRAPH can be an ideal solution for their R&D departments. Say, for instance, a company wants to test a brand-new product in just a few cities. The company’s high-volume provider likely would not be interested in the small packaging run because it isn’t cost-effective for them. But this is where AMGRAPH really shines! We can do a run of 50,000 to 100,000 units easily and efficiently—and of course, with innovative design solutions and sustainable materials as always.

AMGRAPH really is an ideal partner for brands large and small. We offer innovative solutions that are a perfect complement to research and design teams. Do you have a product that needs our input and specialized expertise? Do you have something in development, and you are stumped on the packaging? Give us a call! We’d be happy to work with you to come up with the answer.