Saving the planet looks great on you!

Is it possible to look good while doing good? A recent article on says it isn’t only possible, but it’s one of the hottest trends around. Smart beauty brands have come to realize that sustainable packaging is a priority for their customers, and many are stepping up to make it happen.

The article says that brands like Glossier and Lush are recognizing that environmentally conscious packaging is a way to differentiate themselves, attract new customers, save money, and help the planet. And like we talked about in our last blog post, research is showing that customers are willing to pay more for brands that align with their personal values. That doesn’t only include sustainable, but also cruelty-free.

There are more packaging options for cosmetics and other personal care products than ever before. Some packages are being developed without so many frills and extra touches, which can create shipping savings for the brands as well as less end-of-life waste. Consumers are happy to support the companies who make smart changes like this, because buying a product has become synonymous with buying a lifestyle. Sustainable business practices save money and provide consumers a sense of community at the same time.

Does your product reflect your brand’s core values in every way—including the packaging? Packaging represents a first impression, and more than ever before, that impression needs to reflect environmental responsibility. Food companies have known that for a while now, and beauty brands aren’t far behind.

What can you do to reflect your commitment to sustainability in your packaging? Let AMGRAPH introduce you to innovations like lightweight flexible packaging and environmentally friendly inks. We’ll show you how to create packaging solutions that not only help the planet, but also help you align with your customers’ most closely held values.