Flexible Packaging Continues to Drive Innovation for Both Branding and Sustainability – three reasons why flexible packaging is the choice of more and more consumer brands.

A recent article on PackagingStrategies.com emphasized what we at AMGRAPH have known for a while—that flexible packing is driving innovation in our industry, and it is one of the best packaging alternatives for a wide variety of products. The article listed three reasons why it is considered an exceptional packaging solution.

It Makes an Impression

Because flexible packaging allows for premium digital printing on large surfaces, companies can maximize the brand experience for their consumers. In addition to high-quality graphics and logos (which can usually be printed with sustainable inks), digital printing on flexible packaging can be easily and affordably customized. Even small, timely modifications can be implemented cost-effectively to keep packaging fresh and relevant.

It’s a Smart Solution for an eCommerce World

Ecommerce has become a way of life for most Americans over the last few years, and with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s grown even more. Even though rigid packaging is thought to be more durable, the ability of flexible packaging to absorb shock and impact has been greatly enhanced. And the economic advantages of flexible packaging are hard to deny. It is cheaper to produce, and it is lighter and takes up less space in shipping, which reduces costs even more.

Flexible packaging is meeting even the strictest shipping durability standards. According to the article, last year Amazon implemented the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS) for vendors and manufacturers to certify the durability of their packages. To achieve certification, packages must go through a series of rigorous tests that evaluate the impact of shock, compression, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Flexible packaging is standing up to the test in more and more cases, allowing vendors to meet these APASS standards while still taking advantage of this economical and environmentally friendly alternative.

It’s a Sustainable Solution

Packaging is an important part of manufacturers’ sustainable business practices. With increasing pressure from both customers and regulators, brands are implementing flexible packaging to help meet their green goals. Many flexible packaging materials are now recyclable, and even some plastic flexible packaging has been engineered to be more environmentally responsible.

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At AMGRAPH, we are proud of the leadership role we’ve taken in the development and implementation of flexible packaging. From our packaging materials and environmentally friendly inks all the way to our methods of manufacturing, we are totally committed to reducing our impact on the planet. Have you discovered all the benefits of flexible packaging yet? Contact us today and let us show you how these packaging innovations can support your green initiatives, strengthen your brand impact, and improve your bottom line.