The move to home delivery makes the durable, reusable, resealable packages a top choice.

recent article on highlighted the big changes taking place in the candy market and the associated modifications in candy packaging. During the pandemic, a large percentage of candy and snack purchasing moved online, and consumers say they are likely to continue ordering items like these for delivery. Coupled with the need for shipping-friendly, durable packages is the growing desire among consumers for sustainability. The article cites a study by Accenture that found that 83 percent of respondents think it’s important for products to be designed to be reused or recycled.

Candy and snack brands need to consider how their packaging fits into both the e-commerce supply chain and the circular economy, all while remaining functional for the consumer. That presents a few challenges, though. These packages need to have proper barrier properties to protect food products, something that can often be achieved with the use of modern flexible packages. Additionally, flexible packages can be developed with reusable seals, so the taste and quality of the snack products can be maintained even after multiple opens and closes.

Advances in the development of flexible packages make them more sustainable than ever, too. Newer packaging equipment can optimize converting and help maintain consistent sealing temperatures more effectively than earlier machines could. There have also been developments in packaging films, which give the package more integrity than traditional polyethylene and provide a larger heat differential. New developments in flexible package closures can enable faster packaging machine speeds and reliable sealing, as well as help reduce waste and energy consumption during manufacturing.

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The increase in home delivery of food products is one of the biggest game-changers of the past two years. Consumers have come to depend on durability and practicality in food packaging—and sustainability is also a big concern. Flexible packaging checks all the boxes! At AMGRAPH, we are experts in the field of flexible packaging, and we can show you exactly how it will help your candy or snack food brand meet the needs of your most demanding customers. Give us a call today!