More consumers are rejecting pills in favor of healthy snacks and chewables.

Be honest—would you rather take a pill or have a snack? Not surprisingly, there is a growing trend toward delivering supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional support products in foods rather than pills. A recent study cited in Packaging World magazine indicated that so called “functional foods” now make up 36 percent of the U.S. nutraceutical market.

Consumers across all age groups are increasing their efforts to live a healthier lifestyle, and growth in vitamins and supplements has been a part of that trend. Innovations in the delivery of these supplements include tasty nutrition bars, shakes, and snack chips—preferred by many for their palatability, portability, and convenience.

Probiotics and prebiotics are being added to cereal and yogurts for digestive support. To promote joint health, some cereal products and bars are starting to add collagen. According to the article, collagen-infused products are also believed to support skin health, leading to a consumer movement toward beauty-based foods. This trend has been prominent in Asia for several years but “beauty foods” are just starting to catch on in the U.S.

Are you a food manufacturer considering getting into the nutraceutical or functional food market? Packaging will be a major consideration for you! Will the supplements you choose to add to your product alter its stability or shelf life? Could it make the product more susceptible to heat or cold? Will you choose to offer the product in single-serve “doses” now? Will you incorporate a new look in your packaging to reflect the new health-related contents?

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