It’s time to take some bold action to expand the use of flexible packaging to prevent waste.

According to a recent article on the Plastics Today website, the flexible packaging industry is at a “critical crossroads.” The author recommends that, although it might be somewhat more difficult, the road toward expanding the role of flexible packaging in preventing food waste is the better solution.

She recommends four “turns” along this road that can make it more manageable.

Stand for sustainability

Flexible packaging helps brands to meet the first “R” of sustainability, reduction. It helps to reduce both the materials used in packaging and the immense environmental impact of food waste. Flexible packaging solutions are available for a wide variety of food products from fresh meats to cereal bags to beverages and shrink-wrapped produce.

Guide brands

When brands have defined “guard rails,” they can be more successful in preventing waste and becoming more sustainable. The industry needs to demonstrate the impact of flexible packaging on reducing food waste to make the transition smoother for brands.

Invest in recycling systems research

The author emphasizes that an industry knowledge base is crucial for problem-solving in converting multilayer structures into alternate structures such as recycle-ready polyethylene. That kind of repository would reduce conversion time and increase understanding.

Direct legislation

The flexible packaging industry needs to stretch into existing collection, sorting, and recycling systems, and that may require legislation. It must also focus on eradicating chemicals of concern such as phthalates, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and perchlorate so that recycling and reuse are viable.

Check out the full article on Plastics Today.

Making big changes in the way a product is packaged and brought to market isn’t easy. Switching to flexible packaging is smart for a lot of reasons, but brands need support and guidance throughout the process. AMGRAPH is a great place to turn! We are experts in evaluating and recommending flexible packaging solutions for a variety of different products. Contact Us, and we’ll help you design the best flexible package for your unique needs.