For many pet parents, the quality of their pet’s products is critical, and they demand only the best. The pet product manufacturers we work with are keenly aware of this, and they’re committed to providing high quality products for this discerning population.

At Amgraph, we’re dedicated to ensuring their product’s packaging reflects the same high standards. We care about the furry, feathered, and finned consumers who will use these products as much as we care about the planet they inhabit.

Since our inception in 1984, our focus has been on sustainability. We’ve worked to set the standard for green tactics that reduce packaging’s environmental impact, and we go beyond the sustainability requirements by minimizing or eliminating harmful chemicals, excess materials, and waste byproducts.

Recent efforts include the development of recyclable and compostable packaging. This includes full polyethylene (PE) laminated products approved by How2Recycle. These PE laminated products are designed for in-store drop-off after use and they’re approved for recycling by Trex, the composite decking company. We’re also working on paper-based packaging designed to be recyclable in the standard municipal paper recycling stream.

– Cat Litter
– Dog and Cat Food
– Exotic Animal Treats
– Gerbil and Fish Food
– Dog Biscuits
– Cat Treats
…and more!

For more information or to learn more about how we can assist you with your sustainability goals, contact us at 860.822.2000