It isn’t always easy for earth-friendly products to extend their brand promise to their packaging.

It only makes sense that the makers of natural products would place a high priority on environmentally friendly packaging, but they have historically run into some obstacles. The biggest hurdle to overcome, at least until recently, has been the added cost of such packaging—but a surprising material is helping to solve that problem. The material is plastic. Plant-based plastic, to be specific.

In a recent article on, author Joanna Cosgrove outlined the problems that are often faced in the natural products industry when they strive to improve their green footprint. These foods, beverages, and dietary supplements (to name a few) usually require special protection, and many of the more ecologically friendly packaging options have failed to measure up. Additionally, the added costs of green packaging can be a deal-breaker for some of these brands. Is plant-based plastic really a feasible solution?

Quoted in the article, Julie Saltzman, director of marketing for Berlin Packaging, said that plant-based packaging alternatives are showing great promise. “There has been tremendous investment in finding traditional plastic alternatives, including ocean plastics and bio-resins. Bio-based PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can go up to 30 percent plant-based, while bio-based HDPE can be 100 percent plant-based,” she said.

The natural products industry is generally presumed to be earth-friendly in all aspects of operation. Their customers and potential customers expect them to maintain high ecological standards, and most of them have a commitment to sustainability as part of their corporate culture, anyway. But meeting these expectations isn’t always easy. The industry is continually looking for innovations that will protect their products and the planet at the same time. For natural products to fulfill their brand promise, sustainable packaging simply is not optional.

Read the entire article on the Natural Products Insider website here.

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