Sustainability tops the wish list for shoppers in 2021.

According to a recent article on, one in three holiday shoppers plans to avoid using traditional wrapping paper this season. That data comes from an Accenture survey, which asked 1,515 Americans about their holiday shopping plans.

“It’s a sustainable holiday, and people are more aware than ever,” said Jill Standish, lead of Accenture’s global retail practice, who is quoted in the article.

In addition to eschewing wrapping paper, almost one-fourth of consumers intend to make their own homemade gifts. Searches for sustainable and/or biodegradable gifts are up almost 50 percent, as well. These changes seem to indicate that environmental considerations are starting to make a real, tangible difference in how people are planning their holidays.

The founder of a company called SustainAble Home Goods, which sells eco-conscious gifts and decorations, is also quoted in the article. LaToya Tucciarone said, “I call it the rise of the conscious consumer. It’s been going on for a while … I think it’s really the future of retail.” Whether people are reusing wrapping paper or recycling old fabric to wrap presents, sustainable choices are clearly a major trend for the 2021 holiday season.

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