The handy resealable packages meet the consumer demand for convenience.

Thanks to increasing consumer demand for convenient packages as well as an industry push for sustainable, shelf-ready products, stand-up pouches are booming. According to a recent article on, confectionary companies are actively investing in this growing and versatile packaging technology.

Increased consumer travel is one driver of the demand for stand-up pouches, because they are easy to reseal and carry in a purse or backpack. They also perform well with a range of products including liquids, solids, and powders.

Candy makers demand flexibility, speed, sustainability, and automation from their packaging providers. According to the article, flexibility to handle a variety of sizes and styles is key, along with the ability to accommodate faster changeovers. And with smaller one- or two-serving packages becoming more common, confectioners have said their goal is to achieve speeds of 300 to 400 pouches per minute—an aggressive target, but one that advancing packaging technology can achieve.

And of course, sustainability remains a key goal for the sector. According to the article, energy consumption accounts for 12 percent of total production cost, so confectionery manufacturers seek improvements in production processes that reduce emissions and lower energy consumption. Stand-up pouches are a smart choice for manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint when it comes to transportation costs, as well. Pouch packaging is compact compared to more rigid packaging, allowing the transport of a larger quantity of products in a single truck.

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