A Worldwide Focus

As brand managers we know you’re constantly striving for sustainable flexible packaging solutions. That’s why Amgraph has focused on offering sustainable flexible packaging solutions since our founding in 1984. We believe it’s the future of flexible packaging and our corporate responsibility. We’re not alone in our mission.

The Australian Institute of Packaging introduced a course on Sustainable Packaging Design. This course covered such topics as…

  • practical guidelines and criteria needed to design and develop sustainable packaging
  • use of non-renewable resources, plant-based bioplastics, compostable and recycled materials
  • current environmental issues that are impacting the producers of packaging and the manufacturers and retailers of packaged product
  • case studies and samples of current products being used by participants

Key in this training was the understanding of the recycling process from material recovery to use of sustainable packaging. It’s important to understand the differences between renewable, recyclable and compostable as well as the feasibility to incorporate these options into the packaging process.

There are also training options closer to home.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is offering a course called Essentials of Sustainable Packaging Course both on in person and on-line. It was most recently taught at the 2018 Plastics Recycling Conference in Nashville TN.

The half day course focuses on the following…

  • Why Packaging
  • Optimize the Design
  • Design for Recovery
  • Source Sustainably
  • Planetary Boundaries

The Packaging School located in Greenville SC offered an on-line Sustainable Packaging Course. The focus was on…

  • Frameworks
  • Materials
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Design Guidelines
  • Case Studies

Regardless of the product being packaged, all brand managers are faced with a sustainability challenge. How can we make our packaging more sustainable without blowing the budget? For more information on sustainable packaging, contact us at 860-822-2000.