Survey sheds light on the impediments being encountered by flex packaging makers

When evaluating flexible packaging options, manufacturers need to consider the aesthetics of the packaging material—how well it represents the brand and attracts customers–as well as how it protects and preserves the product. Innovations like films and foils have greatly improved both performance and sustainability in recent years, but for the makers of flexible packaging, a number of obstacles remain.

According to a recent study by SpendEdge, a market intelligence provider, companies in the flexible packaging industry are currently facing four primary market challenges.

Rising raw material costs

Materials like resins, films, and adhesives are increasing in price due to a variety of factors including reduced supply.

Rapid technological changes

A key selling point for flexible packaging is innovation. What’s the latest and greatest breakthrough in sustainability or durability? But constant innovation can mean constant change, and keeping up with new technologies can require upgrades and other investments.

Sustainability challenges

Environmental interest groups, savvy consumers, and government regulators have little patience for waste, and while flexible packaging is considered to be a green alternative to plastic, recyclability can be a challenge. Developing designs and products that minimize disposal issues can be costly.

Perishability of contents

The products being packaged can vary widely, and each one must be protected from factors like sunlight, high or low temperatures, moisture, and other environmental factors. Staying on top of these demands, and understanding how to match the right packaging material to the unique demands of each product, can be a daunting and expensive task.

Check out the full study from SpendEdge here.

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