One our key supplier relationships at AMGRAPH is with our film supplier, Jindal Films. We couldn’t meet our goal of creating industry-leading flexible packaging solutions for our customers without the breakthrough products they provide. Jindal Films recently added several new innovations to their product line.

Ethy-Lyte™ 25HD200

The first is Ethy-Lyte™ 25HD200, a non-sealable outer print web film that provides increased clarity, modulus, and printability. It can be used as an alternative to oriented polypropylene (OPP) and PET films. 

Because packaging manufacturing is moving toward the elimination of multi-material laminates, the Ethy-Lyte product provides opportunities for an all-PE-based recyclable package. Jindal Films is working on expanding Ethy-Lyte technology to include sealable, cold seal receptive, white and barrier versions. These films will enable the transition from multi-material structures to mono-material PE structures.


Additionally, Jindal has introduced BICOR™ ULTRA SEAL OPP film technology, with unique heat seal performance capabilities. These films are the first products to benefit from the “ultra seal” technology, which consists of a new high-clarity OPP film range featuring high seal strength, low seal initiation temperature, and exceptional hot tack performance. The technology provides a robust seal in numerous packaging formats, especially pouch and stand-up pouch applications.

Many companies are moving toward implementing “design for recycling” guidelines (which could eventually be required in some countries). Some of the recommended guidelines suggest that polyolefin-based laminates should not be combined with paper, PET, nylon, or an aluminum foil layer to enable efficient sorting and mechanical recycling. PP-based solutions are one of the preferred recommendations in which ULTRA SEAL can play a significant role in shifting PE film-based laminates to PP-rich laminates.

The folks at Jindal Films are already working on expanding the ULTRA SEAL technology to include white and barrier versions, which would provide more options to the packaging industry.

Platinum Thermal™ 75PT600N

Finally, Jindal has introduced an improved version of its innovative Platinum Thermal™ film, 75PT600N. The single-polymer substrate that simplifies thermal/barcode printing now has a treated top surface that guarantees excellent receptivity to a broad range of print chemistries. This enables users to have a pre-printed color logo on their barcode labels.

Platinum Thermal can be printed with any standard direct thermal barcode printer and offers high resistance to heat, UV light, water, and chemicals. It is heat-stable up to 121°C for any period and demonstrates far superior performance compared to DT-coated substrates. The surface and printed images are not affected by water, nor are they irreversibly darkened by volatile solvents such as xylene.

Continuous innovation is one of the reasons we partner with suppliers like Jindal Films. Their wide range of options and cutting-edge technologies make it possible for AMGRAPH to consistently provide the best custom solutions to brand managers who depend on us for their packaging.  

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