Sustainability Magazine takes a look at the changing landscape of green packaging

Consumer packaging has been the focus of a lot of effort by people who are looking to improve sustainability. Is plastic really the bad guy? Which companies are just “greenwashing” their efforts? It’s all pretty complicated.

Sustainability Magazine has put together a great summary of the trends that are affecting our business in 2022. They went beyond the hype and buzzwords to examine the things that are really making an impact on behalf of sustainability. Some of their top trends include:

Reduce and Replace Microplastics

Microplastics are a major problem, polluting our water systems and causing increasing harm to the planet. Smart manufacturers are eliminating them, looking for natural alternatives that biodegrade.

Shift to Monomaterials

Hidden materials like liners inside a lot of consumer packages actually make them unrecyclable. Monomaterial packages solve this issue, and innovation in this area is expected to increase in 2022.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packages are an ideal replacement for heavy glass or rigid plastics. They’re smaller and cheaper to produce, and because they are lighter, they save in costs and emissions in shipping.

Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging

Brands are investing time, money, and resources in packages that will break down naturally without causing any adverse effects to the planet. Durability can be a challenge, but developing practical compostable and biodegradable packages is a goal for many consumer brands this year.

You can read Sustainable Magazine’s full Top Ten list here.

Staying ahead of the trends is a challenge, but at AMGRAPH, we are dedicated to providing the most innovative solutions for our customers. We’re developing exciting monomaterial packaging options, and our research and development of compostable/biodegradable options is a major part of our continuous improvement plan. Are you a consumer brand that needs to address sustainability? Give us a call! We have the information you need to get ahead of the curve.