Flexible packaging is making a major impact on the sustainability of containers for wine and spirits.

It wasn’t too long ago that boxed wine was ridiculed as cheap and unappealing—almost a joke in the wine world. If it didn’t come in a glass bottle, it wasn’t worth drinking.

That’s changed a lot over the years, with several brands choosing to put good wines in ecologically friendly bag-in-box packages. Now there are some new types of packaging that provide an even greener solution.

We are already familiar with the many benefits of flexible packaging. It can reduce costs both in manufacturing and shipping, and it allows for the use of much more sustainable materials. A new innovation in flexible packaging is now being developed specifically for the beverage industry—”flat-pack” bottles made from recycled PET plastic. These bottles are fully recyclable, and because they are flat and made of lightweight material, they are lighter and less bulky than traditional glass bottles. They also have the added benefit of not breaking during shipment.

Lightweight pouches are also being introduced for wine and spirits, an advancement that’s more convenient as well as more sustainable. These small pouches can fit in bags and backpacks, and they can go places like beaches or sporting events that have glass restrictions. With their leakproof straws, they look something like Capri Sun for grownups.

And, like other flexible packaging, the packages themselves are great for branding and promotion. The material lends itself to sharp, clean images that can be mass produced cheaper and easier than traditional package labeling.

Are you ready to make the move to flexible packaging? If you are a maker of wine or spirits, you need to learn more about the advantages of this innovative, sustainable option. AMGRAPH can
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