Does Your Food Packaging Pass the “Fitness” Test?

“Fit-for-use” assessments help food companies decide on the best type of packaging for their products. The meaning of the term “fitness” or “fit for use” as it relates to packaging, especially food packaging, has changed a lot in recent years. It …

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Wine in a Box? How About Vodka in a Pouch?

Flexible packaging is making a major impact on the sustainability of containers for wine and spirits. It wasn’t too long ago that boxed wine was ridiculed as cheap and unappealing—almost a joke in the wine world. If it didn’t come in a glass bottle, …

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First Plastic Grocery Bags, Then Flexible Packaging?

Recyclability is a concern for both, so how do we make sure consumers understand the issue? We’ve talked about the problems involved in recycling those thin plastic shopping bags on the blog before. While they are technically “recyclable,” you can’t …

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