holiday-givingCompassion is the gift that keeps on giving. In the workplace, in your community, and within the heart of an organization’s leaders, creating a culture of compassion begins by promoting goodwill throughout the company.

It’s the proverbial ripple effect of a stone tossed into water. The gift of giving continues to spread its positive impact. When employees are treated with compassion, they are more likely to extend the same generosity to their colleagues. As an ethic of compassion is fostered, studies show that there’s an increase in morale, teamwork, and employee health.

There’s no better time of year than during the holidays to bring a culture of giving into the workplace. Through charitable giving opportunities, AMGRAPH helps to create bonds between employees and instill greater meaning into the workplace environment.

Over the past eighteen years, AMGRAPH employees have donated over $180,000 to United Way as part of our workforce campaign. A dollar-for-dollar corporate match doubles the employees’ generosity.

An important facet of holiday giving includes involving employees in donating not only their funds, but in volunteering their time. AMGRAPH employees gave many hours of their time helping to distribute food to families in need and toys to thousands of children in the area through the mobile food pantry of the Gemma E. Moran United Way Labor Food Center and the Tommy Toy Program.

In addition to holiday giving in December, Thanksgiving offered the ideal time to support the anti-hunger mission of United Way’s Food Center. Employees gave 207 pounds of dry goods, enough food to provide 173 meals for families in New London County. For Project Safe Halloween, AMGRAPH sponsors the Baltic Fire Engine Company #1 who provides a safe trick-or-treat event for local children. (see Hartford Courant article.)

Because of our employees’ goodwill, AMGRAPH received the “Live United Award” of southeastern Connecticut. A culture of compassion inspires employees to make the world a better place and carries the gift of giving out into the greater community.

Making the world a better place is a top priority at AMGRAPH. By infusing workplaces with compassion and sharing the values of goodwill and generosity, we can all make a difference.