Job Summary This individual will be working directly with the Information Systems Manager to support the Amgraph infrastructure. The position
Are you making a move to flexible packaging? Be sure you’re doing it the right way. There are some great
The first international, legally binding treaty on plastic pollution is one step closer to reality after the most recent round
New technologies are using artificial intelligence to make big leaps in solving the issues around flexible plastic film recycling. If
A company in the UK says it has developed an additive that allows plastics to degrade safely. According to a
A new position paper from the World Packaging Organisation highlights projects and trends from 21 countries. A recent article on
A group of investors and managers, representing almost $10 trillion in assets, are calling on businesses to be proactive on
The two-year study indicates that tackling the recyclability of flexible packaging is both practical and viable. Flexible packaging offers so
Job Description: A press trainee shall obtain the low apprentice rate as soon as he starts press training. After 60
Job Description: Tandem Extrusion Coater Operators – Baltic Facility As the Tandem Extrusion Coater Operators, you will be responsible for